Detailed Option Description List

The Richardson Harness and Pouch SystemR: Without a doubt, the question we are most frequently asked is "Now that I have a Richardson fly box, how can I get completely out of my hot, bulky vest?" That is why we have developed the Richardson Harness and Pouch System. The harness fits all of our models. It's unique yoke design spreads the weight comfortably across your shoulders. Pouches are available that attach to the belt of the harness. Multiple pouches can be worn at the same time (a maximum of 2 is recommended) that will easily hold most anglers needed accessories. See Figures 4-I and 4-J.

If you have any questions on our options, please let us know. We will be happy to explain them more thoroughly. Remember, we specialize in custom chest fly boxes, so let us know if there is something special that you would like done with your box. We will entertain any request as long as we can do it and it does not deter form the integrity of our product.