The Richardson Philosophy

The Concept that brought about our fly box is simple - a system for flyfishers that allows fast, easy access to flies where both hands are free to select and change files. It is also extremely organized, convenient and comfortable. Depending on how you design your box, it can either compliment or replace your vest while eliminating all those bothersome conventional fly boxes. This can reduce the weight carried from the average 6-8 lbs. vest to 1-3 lbs. total, with more freedom of movement and much more efficiency. And security - no more chance of dropping a fly box with $300-$400 worth of flies into the water or leaving it on the bank to make someone else's day. Because of the popularity of our concept and product, others have tried to copy us but none have come close. So "don't be fooled by imitations". We encourage you to compare.

The Craftsmanship of our box is our #1 priority. Painstaking care goes into each and every part as well as the final assembly to ensure that Richardson's will continue to be second to none. Every edge and corner has a smooth finish to eliminate sharpness. Rivets are set one at a time for proper alignment and all options are custom fitted for each box. We strive for accuracy within two thousandths of an inch and each component is carefully selected and rechecked throughout the building process. Aesthetic appeal is also very important and is monitored at every stage. It can take up to 3 days to build one box, but the final result is worth the effort and wait.

Four Models are available from The Richardson Chest Fly Box. Co.

The "Original StyleTM" IMAGE model is our signature box. It is the most widely used chest fly box in the world, and is considered by all who see it to be the fines fly box made bar none. All finishes and options are a available with this model.

The "Ultra-LiteTM" IMAGE model was introduced in 1996 in response to requests for a smaller, lighter weight and more economical chest fly box. To achieve these points, we chose a lighter grade aluminum which limits the number of trays, finish, and options.

The "Joe Humphreys SeriesTM" IMAGE model came next in early 1997, combining the features and benefits of both the Original Style and Ultra-Lite. It is the same size as the Ultra-Lite, but with all the finishes and options as the Original.

The "George Harvey Signature EditionTM" IMAGE, which is in honor of the man who inspired the concept of the Chest Fly Box back in the late 1940's. When designing this special edition, we borrowed from George the oldest chest fly box known to exist. All aspects of this box were closely examined and approved by George himself. It is slightly wider than the other models and modifications are limited. Discontinued

When choosing which model is best for you, it is important to think three-dimensional. While wearing the box, the models differ in height and width. So the number of trays is the third-dimension you need to take into account. For example, a 4-tray Joe Humphreys may hold as many flies as a 3-tray Original. You need to determine which dimension is most important to you. Refer to the chart for specifications and measurements of each model.

Ordering and Customizing your box can take some thought and planning, but we are always happy to assist you in designing the perfect set up for your needs and fishing style. Essentially the model, finish and number of trays are the most important choices. They should be be based on the number/size of flies you intend to carry and your style of fishing. Generally one larger conventional fly box or two medium-small boxes will fit in an Original Style tray. Although the Original model has been used in all situations, the smaller Humphreys Series and Ultra-Lite may be more benifical to those who do not carry a large amount of flies, fish from float tubes, boats, and/or do a lot of small stream fishing or deep wading. Now that you have a model and number of trays, designing the inside of each tray is next. Since all models, except the Harvey Edition, start out empty, you need to decide what you want in each tray.

Starting with the deepest tray (1-1/4") which is closest to your chest and working outwards, specify your choices form the Customizing Tray Options List found on the Price List/Order Form. Once you have outfitted all your trays, select form the Customizing Exterior Box Option List to maximize the efficiency of your fly fishing system. To truly personalize your box, name engraving and address tag are offered at no charge. We even ask you if you are right or left-handed so we can place the linkage (side hinges) opposite your dominant hand for ease of operation.

There is a detailed Option Description List. Trays and options can be added at any time, and remember, we are here to help you should you need it.

Wearing and Using a Richardson Chest Fly Box is simple. The box should be positioned roughly in the center of your chest with the straps criss-crossing your back, adjusted to be fairly snug. This will prevent swaying when walking or interference with any casting style or motion. All boxes come the 1" wide adjustable cotton or nylon straps (your choice), or you can choose one of our harness options. To get a fly, simply lift the bronze tray latch, lower the tray to a horizontal position and lift the lid (using the thumb groove at the back of tray). This can be done with one hand, but it is quicker and easier if the rod is under your arm and both hands are used to open box. With the box open, you now have both hands free and work surface (open tray) to tie over. Once fly is secure, just close the lid and raise tray till you hear the snap of the latch and you are back to fishing.